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Book of January. Verses in the Sand (The United Irishmen Book 1) by Darren Beaming

I'm grateful for coming across this book, finding it was such a miracle. What a way to kick start my reading for the new year. I wasn't expecting the ride, the rollercoaster of this story. The author has a new fan! I am adding this series to my list of my favourite series and eagerly waiting for book two. I was very hesitant to read this book, because why would I be interested in British & Irish history Wars and the regency era right? Not my thing, but then the book promised a gripping romance, mix that with anything Irish, and I was sold. As a hopeless romance fan with an obsession of anything Ireland and Irish men, I'll read that combination any day! This is a very memorable story that had me hooked from page 1 until the end - which I didn't see coming (and I think readers all over), and that is the beauty of the story.


You will read it, fall in love with the characters, hate some of them, scream at the author for the turn of events, not put the book down, but there is no assuming what will happen next and that is why I recommend reading the book. It’s not only a beautifully written story, but the author did the kind of research that is evident in the events of the book. This isn’t just a book you read, but you learn. I’m proud to say I learnt a dozen things while reading this book, regarding wars, shipwrecks, islands, the British and Irish people, pirates and many other interesting things.


Whether you are a fan of historical stories or not, this book will find a way to hook you in. From the beginning to the end, it is such a lovely and emotional story that left me asking myself so many questions regarding love, friendships and how much of a mystery is a human being.


This story is about two men, a British soldier by the name of William and an Irishman called Sean, who found themselves trapped in an Island after being the only survivors of a shipwreck. The story is set in 1799 and believe me, you will be transported back to that era. These two men, get to know each other more, with nowhere to go and no rescue in sight, they lean on each other to survive and end up developing a strong friendship that is suddenly tested by the arrival of other people, or rather by the main arrival of a woman….


Imagine two men, both intelligent, good men, stranded on an island for a long time (I won’t say for how long, you must read this book to know), imagine them finding themselves in a company of a beautiful woman, who herself has ended up on the same island in mysterious circumstances with a bunch of evil pirates. Now the story gets deeper as we are introduced to other characters, and I thought the book couldn’t get any better, but the author crafts a further addictive story with more characters who find themselves trapped on this island with William and Sean.


As the story unfolds, love, friendships, wars and tragedy become the core of the story.

What makes this story interesting? Everything. If you think you might get bored reading about two characters stuck on an Island, that’s very far from it. It’s very rare that you find a story set in one place with two characters but it’s not noticeable because of how excellent the story is. This story is for everyone, even romance lovers will find themselves enjoying the story due to the romance in the book. Poetry lovers will enjoy the heartfelt poems as the story unfold, there is a lot of action as well, so brace yourself.


Another major credit goes to the book cover designer. The book cover is beautiful and attractive and summarises this book. It's not misleading at all, it has the main characters on the cover and once you read the story, the cover will have more meaning and make more sense.

Let me leave you with some of my favourite lines from the book. Even if you don’t plan on checking out this book soon, it’s something you should definitely put on your reading list.


“It’s disheartening, isn’t it? It seems love often comes second to societal expectations and conventions.”


“My poems aren’t good enough to sell William. They’re just simple words I’ve strung together, the musings of a man stranded on an Island.”


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