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What is beauty? We know not everyone thinks of the same things as beautiful. A morning sunrise can be wondrous or blinding. A flower can be lovely to look at, but deadly if tasted. Not everything that is beautiful can be seen or touched; it can also be a feeling. A beautiful thing like love can bring great joy, or great sorrow. In our journey through life, we are taught to believe some things are beautiful and some things are ugly. But what if what we're taught turns out differently than how we experience for ourselves what is beautiful and what is ugly? In Beautiful: In the eye of the beholder, 200 contemporary authors and poets worldwide share in stories and poetry their experiences and thoughts on the subject of beauty in an anthology like no other.

From heartbeat to drumbeat. Birdsong to crooners from yesteryear. Piano keys to the strings of a sitar. In Stories & Poems in the Song of Life, 175 authors and poets worldwide explore the theme of music, from the melodious sounds of nature to the world of hard pounding rock and roll. Fiction is mixed with non-fiction as writers and poets take you on their musical journeys, imagined and real. The song of life is our own unique tune – the essence of who we are – composed while listening to the music that surrounds us, in one form or another, from the time we are born to the time of our death. Feel free to hum along as you read this incredible one-of-a-kind collection.

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Love in its many varieties, expressed in letters and poems from 202 writers worldwide, written to the object or objects of their affection, adoration, romantic passion, esteem and fantasy. Letters and poems to wives, to husbands, to children, to parents, to grandparents, to boyfriends, to girlfriends, to pets, to literary and film idols, and more. This is a book for anyone who loves love.

How do we use our bodies to work, to perform, to create, to play, to compete, to unwind, to care for others, to build, to communicate, to hike, or to accomplish any of the tasks we confront in everyday life? How do we use our elbows, our feet, our hands, our torso, our ankles, our legs, or any other part of our bodies to do those things? In Movements – Our Bodies in Action – 203 authors and poets worldwide place the focus on how their bodies work and observe how the bodies of those around them also work. This is a deluxe owners manual in prose and poetry for anyone who has a body.

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