Touch of Rose 🌹 

Lorenzo Fontana is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the continent, owning the biggest IT Company in the country, Fontana Software. What Lorenzo wants more than the success of his business is a family, a child and a good woman to come home to, but he has long given up on finding what he is deeply yearning for – someone to love him as much as he would love her in return. He had resigned to getting a woman who makes him laugh, smile and brings out the best in him. Until he saw Rose. After spending a life-changing night with a waitress he met at his bachelor party, Lorenzo woke up to discover that the beautiful woman he spent the night with had disappeared without a trace. He finally finds her, only to discover that she has been hiding a secret of her own that involves Lorenzo. 


State of the Heart ♥ 

Dineo decides to make a fresh start and moves to Cape Town after a life-changing incident that almost destroyed her life. Emotionally unavailable and not interested in dating, she puts all her time into her career as a pediatrician. The move was exactly what she needed as her life begins to get back on track. Until one day when she comes home from work to find a little girl sitting by herself crying on the stairs of her apartment complex. Her effort to reunite the girl with her family lands Bongani on her doorstep. Bongani is a brokenhearted and emotionally scarred man who has dedicated his life to raising his little girl Zara after her mom walked out on them. His heart can't allow him to get close to any woman, including the beautiful woman who rescued his little girl. Avoiding her isn't easy, especially when she is developing a friendship with Zara. Dineo and Bongani soon discover that no matter how far you run from your past, it always has a way of landing on your doorstep. Will they be able to mend each other's hearts and love again? Or will the ghosts of their past keep them apart?