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Tlalane's Hangout

Updated: Jun 11

Hello World. Thank you for being here and welcome to my personal blog, where I share things that inspire me daily and some of my favorite things. I hope you find something interesting and inspirational. Come back often.

Having been to ten different schools in my life, I would like to believe that I'm doing well under normal circumstances :-) With each place I've been to, equipping me with something that has molded me to be the person I'm striving to be.

I’m Tlalane Manciya, certified coffee addict, a writer, poet, blogger, a buyer of books I never get to read (too many books, so little time), accredited certified Life Purpose Coach and author of several novels and short stories. I currently reside in the beautiful and romantic Cape Town, South Africa. I’m a mom of fourteen, one human and thirteen fur babies. I’m an animal lover and do a lot of volunteering with animal shelters and feeding colonies of cats and ensuring they are neutered.

I believe it’s the simplest things in life that bring us more joy, sunsets and sunrises, the sound of rain, a gorgeous ladybug showing off its beauty or the soothing sound of ocean waves, that's why I believe the present moment is the only moment I have to be the best I can be, because the next moment isn't guaranteed, the next moment may never come.


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