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Tlalane Manciya

💖A Write To Love💖

Welcome and thanks for dropping by. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee/tea, sit back, relax and find your next read!

I'm so proud to announce the I'm published in the latest issue of the Southern Cross Magazine 


(Read the latest on Sienna and Chase. She has 30 days to prove to the property tycoon that she can take care of his grandmother)...What is going to transpire in those 30 days? Read to find out... 

My latest novel - The Billionaire's Young Caregiver is currently free to read on Booknet and it's a developing story.

Thirty-year-old billionaire Chase Morgan is the most powerful man in Real Estate spheres in the African continent. The loss of his son made an ice where his heart once was. Leaving him no room to care about pursuing a sincere romantic connection. His real estate empire and his grandma are his number one priority in life. As the boss, he's used to calling the shots and being in control. Then enters Sienna Peterson in his household to care for his grandmother, she has a month to prove she can be an excellent caregiver to his grandmother. She makes him lose control like no woman ever has, but he does his best to suppress his developing feelings for the beautiful caregiver. How much heat would it take for Sienna to melt his cold heart? Or will he do what he does best and push her away.

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A Fight For Valentino

Release Date - July 15, 2023

A follow up on the short Valentine's story - A home for Valentino. In 'A fight for Valentino' - Emma, Ava's sister suddenly shows up and wants to have a relationship with her son...

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A Home For Valentino

Ava Doyle's life changes drastically overnight when her estranged twin sister Emma, whom she hasn't seen in over two years drops off a baby boy on her doorstep and leaves, the same night her boyfriend also tells her he isn't ready to be part of her situation and leaves her. With a new baby to take care of, love is the furthest thing from her mind, and taking care of baby Valentino isn't easy, it's affecting her work, and her boss Ethan isn't happy, the same boss who strangely offers to help her with the baby. As Emma and Ethan get to know each other, they both realize not only could they make a home for Valentino, but they can find it in their hearts to make a home for what they both thought they would never find - they could make a home for their newfound love.

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A Home for Valentino

Preview - Chapter 1

It was the beginning of February, and the rain came down like it would never stop, throughout all that noisy rain fall, Ava heard the knocker on the front door pounding, whoever was knocking had resorted to pounding on the door like the hounds of hell were on their heels. It was an annoying sound. She thought she ought to install a doorbell, even the neighbors had been complaining about her visitors always knocking and disturbing their peace, but her neighbors were the least of her concern right now. She was halfway through her make up and still had to get dressed. She thought it strange that Leroy would be this early and knock like that, he was never early.

The pounding persisted, but harder and louder; Ava angrily walked out of her bedroom to open the door and stopped dead in her tracks as she came face to face with her twin sister Emma.

“Hey Emma,” Ava said barely audible.

“Hey yourself,” her sister responded.

Ava crushed her sister into a long hug, tears streaming down her face messing up her make up. Ava broke the hug and looked at her sister, who hadn’t returned her hug, but that didn’t bother her at all, she was glad to see her sister she hadn’t seen in over two years. Ava had looked for Emma at first when she didn’t hear from her but stopped once she realized she was the only one reaching out, Emma was around, but she didn’t want to be found. Emma was an adult, Ava was past treating her like a child, even though Emma tended to act like one.

“Wow, come in. Where have you been?” She stepped back to make way for Emma to come in.

Emma was rooted where she stood and didn’t move, “I’m sorry, I can’t come in and I can’t stay either.”

A faint sound of whimpering came from outside Ava’s door next to Emma. Ava was too absorbed seeing Emma that she didn’t register a small baby carrier and a baby bag next to her sister. As she focused on what she thought she saw, a small hand popped out of the carrier.

“Is that a baby?”

“Yes, it’s a baby, well my baby. Your nephew,” Emma said casually.

Ava shook her head, trying to wake up from what she thought was a dream. Emma had a baby. What? When?

“I see you’re still shaken a bit, and I’m sorry for rocking up like this, but I didn’t know where to go.”

“You know you’re always welcome to come to me and stay with me Emma, come in, let’s talk.”

“I can’t, I must go, but I can’t take the baby with me. I need you to look after him,” Emma told her picking up the baby carrier together with a baby bag and handing it over to Ava. “His name is Valentino.”

“Hey, what is going on?” Ava asked sadly.

“I’m sorry for everything over the years, I know I’ve been nothing but a pain to you,” Emma told her walking away, tears tricking down her face.

Ava couldn’t believe Emma was walking away. She walked behind her with the baby, not forgetting the fact that she was wearing a very short gown and she was barefoot, “Emma come back here! What is going on?”

Emma didn’t even slow down, she walked faster, down the stairs she went, Ava was struggling to keep up due to the baby and the baby bag she was carrying.

“Emma please stop. Come on. At least tell me who is the father. Why aren’t you taking the baby to him? Talk to me.”

Emma slowed down, but didn’t turn around, the silence stretched as Ava waited, the baby getting heavier in her hands. The child’s cry broke the silence, a painful wail that cut right through Ava’s heart.

“He is hungry, he hasn’t had anything to eat since this morning. I know with you, Valentino will have a better life, he will be fed and taken care of. I know you’ll do better.” Emma said between sobs still with her back to Ava.

“Emma, why don’t you take the baby to the father, it’s his responsibility too. Who is he? We can go together.” Ava pleaded.

“He doesn’t want the baby, he knows about him, but he told me he doesn’t want him, I can’t provide for him either, so it’s better if you keep him, Ava. I can’t put him in an orphanage, you know how it is there, how it was for us. I don’t want that for my baby. Promise me you won’t take him to an orphanage or let him get in the system.”

“Emma, you’re not making sense come back here. We can talk.”

Emma turned around, “Just promise me Ava please, that you won’t let him be raised by anyone else.”

Ava couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t help but weakly respond, “I promise.”

“Thank you, I love you Ava, bye.”

Emma left Ava standing there and didn’t look back; she exited the building. Ava couldn’t even run after her, she was holding the baby, the rain was pouring, and the baby was loudly crying and running or screaming after her sister wouldn’t help.

Ava walked back to her apartment not knowing what to do. The baby kept painfully wailing, and Ava did her best to quiet him.

She carried the baby in her arms protectively like it was the most natural thing for her, Ava was crying quietly as well, her mind filled with a million questions. She finally saw her sister after such a long time, only to lose her again and she didn’t have time to talk to her, it was too painful to even think about. After what seemed like forever, she must have done something right because the baby stopped crying and she realized he was sleeping. She took that moment to put down the baby, she walked to her bedroom and gently put him on the bed. She had the first proper glimpse of Valentino, and she found herself crying out in amazement.

“I can’t believe it, you look just like your mother,” she told the sleeping baby.

Emma couldn’t believe it, that this beautiful tiny baby boy was her blood, he bore such a resemblance to his mother, as little as he was, it wasn’t hard to see, there was no doubt he was her nephew, he was his mother’s son. He was the image of Emma. He had the same long, cute nose, high cheekbones, and blue eyes like his mom. He was perfect. Emma didn’t know much about babies to guess how old he was, so she rampaged through his bag, it had a disposable nappy and baby wipes, baby lotion and an empty milk bottle. She found and envelope in the bag as well.

The small envelope had a picture of her sister with Valentino after he was born at the hospital, she flipped the photo so see if there was something written on it, as she had guessed, the photo had a date, which she assumed was Valentino’s date of birth, 01 October 2022 was written on the back of the photo and below the date there was a name - Valentino Romeo Doyle.

“So, you’re Valentino Romeo Doyle. Beautiful names.  Pleased to meet you little one, I’m Ava, your auntie.” She told the sleeping baby as if he can hear her. Ava wasn’t surprised that her sister named his boy those names. Emma always had these weird fantasies of romance and prince charming when growing up, and her looks encouraged her because all the boys were always after her. She was grateful that they were fraternal twins as she felt that it gave them both a sense of their own identity.

Looking further in the envelope and the bag, she couldn’t find anything like a birth certificate or something that could be more useful. She only found receipts of baby food and baby formula. She was still confused on what to do, she wasn’t going to call police because she knew how that would end, they would call the social services and her sister would be wanted for child negligence and they would take the baby away from her. She knew how it went, she was once there, she had promised her sister and she was going to keep that promise.

“Emma why! “Ava cried as she held the photo tight against her chest. Thinking how her life drastically changed in a moment by just a knock on her door.

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'Love on the go '

Free to read on Booknet - Love on The Go 🌹************************************************
I feel the hug in every fiber of my being
I feel it like I never felt any human touch
I feel it in my bones, in my veins and on my skin.
I feel alive, I feel safe, and I feel at peace.
It really didn’t make any sense at all to me.
Out of all people, why him, this man? Making me feel things I’ve never felt. It doesn’t matter now, I am here. How good it feels, so unreal but so good, then reality strikes as I remember I must go. I try to let go, but he won’t let go, and he is still holding me gently yet tightly. 
He finally loosens his hold on my waist but doesn’t let go, I look at him, I knew what was coming and I was ready. If I thought that hug was something. Dear Lord, the kiss that followed was out of this world. He wasn’t gentle yet not rough either, the kiss was perfect, my first perfect kiss, this was magic at its best. The kiss went on for the longest time. Just when I thought things can’t get more interesting, without breaking the magical kiss he lifts me up and plants my ass on the kitchen counter then opens my legs to fit himself between them. The counter is the perfect height for us like this. His tall form standing and me sitting – it’s perfect, we fit.
This man is something out of a book, unreal. I’ve kissed my fair share of men and did more, yet this was the best of everything I’ve ever had. Better than that intense kiss in the hotel room yesterday. Best kiss, best hug, best touch, best time. I don’t want to be here, yet I want to be here, and I know it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t care.
I want this man; I want him like my next breath, I want him with me, on me, in me, all over me. I can’t think of anything that can stop this now... 

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Proud Member of the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA)

In May 2021 - ROSA released its third themed anthology. Sweet Songs of Summer was a collection of nine sweet romantic short stories, and one of my stories titled (State of The Heart) was published in that anthology. The book is currently available on Amazon Kindle (Free on Amazon Limited).

2022 - Finalist in the 6th Annual Strelitzia Competition hosted by ROSA.

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Achievements as an author / writer /poet 

❤️ - April 2023 - upcoming feature article in the Southern Cross Magazine 
❤️ - 2022 - Finalist in the 6th Strelitzia Writing Contest by ROSA
❤️ - 2021 - State of the heart (A romance novella) - was part of the Romance Writers Organisation's anthology titled Sweet songs of Summer 
❤️ - Commissioned to write tribute poems for funerals, memorial services, anniversaries many other events 
❤️ - Published in eight world wide anthologies 
❤️ - Wrote devotionals for Mirror Moments (Woman's Ministry) 

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