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Just a girl who loves books and coffee

Hi there, grab a cup of tea or coffee, relax and read on...

Hello and a warm welcome to my online home, thanks for dropping by! I'm Tlalane Manciya. A certified coffee addict, poet, blogger, animal lover, book enthusiast, accredited certified Life Purpose Coach and author of multiple novels and short stories.

I write stories that entertain the reader, poems that evoke deep feelings and emotions. While helping others achieve their goals as well. (Well, that's what I believe I'm doing).

I am thrilled to have you here and hope you enjoy exploring my content. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you.

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Hi all. I'm so happy to announce my upcoming book in my new series! Book 1 in the Unyielding Love Series. Release date to be announced.

Blurb -:

Ava's life takes an unexpected turn when her twin sister disappears, leaving her with her six-month-old nephew. Overwhelmed with the responsibility, Ava finds help in Malcolm, the CEO of the largest architecture firm in Africa, where she works as a junior receptionist. Despite the no fraternising policy in the workplace, Malcolm steps in to assist her. Ava is aware of the potential complications and risks involved in getting involved with him, but Malcolm prioritises her well-being over the workplace rules.

• Age gap

• Millionaire

• Family


Things are looking up for Malcolm and Ava as they start their new life as a family with their son, but their marriage is unexpectedly tested when Emma suddenly shows up and wants her son back. As they deal with the stress of the situation, all these secrets from their pasts resurface and their marriage starts falling apart. Malcolm's got to fight to keep his family together, but it's not going to be easy. Will they be able to make it work, or is this the end of the road for them? Get ready for a wild ride with the Davis-Brown family as they try to figure it all out.

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My love for writing romance stories began during my high school years, when I discovered my fondness for romance novels. Even though I had yet to experience love firsthand, I was drawn to the emotional highs and lows depicted in stories like Beauty and the Beast and Pride & Prejudice. The scene where the main character expresses her overwhelming emotions and declares her desire to be wherever her love interest is, left a lasting impression on me and has influenced my writing ever since. 


As a teenager, I was drawn to Anne Frank's story and subsequently began journaling, which eventually evolved into a passion for poetry. My desire to share my poetic creations with the world was born, I believe poetry is a powerful medium for self-expression and can resonate deeply with readers. I hope that my words will leave a lasting impact on those who have the pleasure of experiencing them.

I am a proud member of the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA). My writing is not limited to poetry and romance novels but expands to short stories and inspirational articles.

I'm published in eight global anthologies where I've been blessed to collaborate with talented writers from around the world.

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Proud Member of the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA)

2022 - Finalist in the 6th Annual Strelitzia Competition hosted by ROSA.

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