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First week as a vegan....

Updated: Oct 8

One word for this first week.... CHALLENGING!

I knew this was going to be challenging, all challenges I experienced, I did my best to overcome them, learn and continue. One of the major challenges was the shock my body went through. I'm laughing as I write this because there are moments one looks back in life and can laugh about something that wasn't funny at the time, like when my body was weak for the first two to three days, from change of diet and getting a cold, that combination had made me consider stopping, but then I knew that if I did that, I would never do it again, so I did like I would have treated any other illness, took care of my body, medicated and ate healthy and rested by body.

On the third day, I could feel things getting back to normal, my body recovered, and I was grateful that I didn't quit, because once I got used to adapting to the diet and yes, lifestyle changes, it wasn't difficult at all.

This first week wasn't much about taking on new things to eat, it was about not eating certain things. Being in South Africa, we are in a moment of a cost-of living crisis, so this proud cheapskate who is me was getting it on with staple vegan foods such as oats, rice and lentils because they are still among the affordable of foods (not cheap, but affordable), these were things already in my grocery, so they helped a lot as I didn't have to go out there and do a makeover of the groceries. (Photos attached of some of the food I already had - that I ate) and very important - water intake, I've always been on a two to three litres of water a day and I still stick to that...


Vegan All Bran Wheat Flakes or Weetbix with Soy milk


Cup of green tea or rooibos tea

My daily 2 - 3 litre water intake

So, I also spent this week reading and researching FURTHER on what the experts say on how to eat, shop and cook vegan, whilst keeping to a budget, because they good news is that vegan diet doesn't really have to be expensive.

As I step into my second week of this journey, I'm super excited, more excited than I had anticipated because I am getting to enjoy it more than dread it or doubt it, every day is a learning experience, because at the end of my thirty days, I'm still yet to decide if this is a lifestyle I want to embrace permanently or not yet. The next three weeks will decide.....

Thank you for joining me on my first week of being a vegan for thirty days.....

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